School/Year   Vassar '00; Albert Einstein College of Medicine '05
Undergrad Group:   Night Owls
Hometown:   Charleston, SC; Decatur, AL
Solos:   Lie Still Little Bottle, Son of a Preacher Man,  Songbird, Golden Touch, The Parting Glass (trio), Lean On Me, Empire State of Mind
Arrangements:   Christians and Pagans, Songbird, Golden Touch, Unwritten, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Hinay Ma Tov, The Luckiest, Imagine, Ta Douleur, Lux Aurumque, Lean On Me, My Lovin', The Remedy, Crayola, Empire State of Mind
Profession:   Psychiatrist
Sign:   Leo
Fave 'Tones Song:   The Ladder
Pet Peeve:   Insensitivity
Idols:   My fellow 'Tones!